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Production of customized PV modules and the repairs of demaged modules

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500 Kč/ 1 FVM



elektroluminiscence vstupní diagnostika
elektroluminiscence výstupní diagnostika

With our mobile laboratory, we will arrive at the site and perform diagnostics of individual photovoltaic panels and suggest the most suitable repair method.

In the case of a smaller number of PV panels for repair, it is more advantageous to send the panels behind us to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm/Czech Republic.

We will carry out repairs on site according to a pre-agreed offer and price ceiling for repairs for each photovoltaic module.

Our repair capacity is approx. 30 modules per day (depending on the difficulty of repairs).

In cases where the module cannot be repaired (in most cases it is broken glass) we will make a copy with the same parameters.

Repair or production of identical panels does not increase the technical level of production. It is not a reconstruction or modernization.

Input diagnostics

After the repair, we will create an evaluation protocol for each photovoltaic panel. You can clearly see the status of the panel before and after the repair. A sample protocol can be viewed here.

We provide a 5-year warranty.


Output diagnostics

1) Input diagnostics

Photovoltaic panels with broken glass cannot be repaired . We can make you a new modulel with the same parameters.

500 Kč/ 1 FVM

1) Input diagnostics

Damaged junction box "JBox"

We remove mechanically or thermally damaged / destroyed "Junction box" and replace it with a new one.

Yes, we repair

Electrocorrosion destroyed panel outlets - "leaked boxes"

We remove badly encapsulated or poorly sealed junction boxes, create new outlets from the laminate and attach a new box.

Yes, we repair

poškozené vývody fotovoltaického modulu
Broken or hot soldered connections between photovoltaic cells or bad bus connections

We replace bad soldered connections or broken wires with new ones.

Yes, we repair

poškozené spoje fotovoltaického článku
PV cells damaged mechanically or electrically

In case of irreversible damage to the photovoltaic cell, we perform its electrical deactivation, ie the panel will lose the voltage and power of one cell (typically -1.7% ). The rest of the module then works again.

Yes, we repair

Delamination of the panel along its frame

In the advanced stage of delamination, it manifests itself in a reduction in the insulation resistance of the PV module. The method of stopping delamination and returning the insulation of the module to normal (> 10MOhm) is now qualified by long-term external tests of repaired modules.

Method of repairs in the verification phase.

Fully damaged rear cover foil / tedlar

Full-area damage of the backsheet, manifested by its desintegration. Backsheet rupture in the gaps between the PV cells.

We are currently working on methods to eliminate these defects and their consequences.

Metoda oprav ve fázi prvotního testování.


Types of defects that we do not repair

Photovoltaic panels with broken glass cannot be repaired . We can make you a new modulel with the same parameters.

Basic price list of diagnostics and repairs of PV modules

To create an individual offer, please contact us directly or via the contact form.

Independent diagnostics

19 EUR /1 PVM for cases where the module cannot be repaired or the requirement "only measured".

Price without VAT.

Replacement of the "junction" box

56 EUR / 1 PVM including input and output diagnostics

Price without VAT.

Repair of soldered joint

52 EUR  / 1 PVM including input and output diagnostics

+15 EUR repair of connections of each other member of the given module

Price without VAT.

Repair of a combined defect

74 EUR / 1 PVM, replacement of J-box and repair of soldered joints of 1 solar cell, including input and output diagnostics

Price without VAT.

Diagnostics means: measurement of VA curves under illumination, electroluminescence and IR thermogram. If necessary, it also includes a test of the immediate insulation condition of the PV module.


PRODUCTION OF PV MODULES in the Czech Republic

We focus on the production of custom photovoltaic modules. We can divide our products according to the purpose of their use:

  • Replacement PV modules or "retrofits"

Modules suitable for repairs of photovoltaic power plants, when it is necessary to add modules with the same electrical and dimensional parameters to the existing installation. These are most often 60-cell mono / multi-silicon solar cells.

  • PV modules for architectural applications

Modules that are used not only to generate electricity, but are used, for example, as facades or as part of a roof (BIPV). We solve projects from project documentation through the production of special PV modules to our own installation.

  • Customized PV modules

In general, these are modules designed for a specific purpose. The most common uses are in urban furniture: benches, street lamps, public transport stops. In the case of PV modules of smaller outputs (up to 10Wp), it is used in the independent power supply of any electronics.

fotovoltaické články
Multikrystalický fotovoltaický článek
fotovoltaický modul tvar srdce


The only manufacturer of PV modules in the CZ




Variant of the design of PV cells


Years of production experience


250 kWp

Repaired modules



Diagnostics and repairs of photovoltaic modules


PV modules repairs in the years 2018,2019- diagnostics and PV modules repairs> 100kWp

Photovoltaic modules and mini modules for specific purposes

Architectural applications of photovoltaics (BIPV)